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All Things Nice curated a culinary tour with Wild Kitchen Chef Clayton Donovan and musician Darren Middleton. The duo has just recently teamed up to create Tuning Fork, a unique food and music dining experience that travels around the globe. Read More....

Chef Clayton Donovan

Darren Middleton

Chef Jef Foster



The House of Roosevelt

Every time I go to Shanghai I am blown away. I had gone to present at SIAL one of Asia’s leading exhibitions on food, wine and spirits. This city never fails to impress & I have written numerous stories on my trips in the past.

Black Cod at Mr. & Mrs. Bund

Travelling at upwards of 300km per hour on the Maglev gives you an idea of what to expect when you leave the airport in Shanghai. Whether you are walking around with your head pulled backwards gazing at twisted structures in Pudong or walking along the colonial structures of the Bund, sipping drinks at Xintiandi watching the tourists go by or walking around the French Concession, Shanghai will dazzle you with its mix of Asian energy and global lifestyle.

I flew Business class on my Singapore Airlines flight to Shanghai and I got to say the legendary service of Singapore Airlines is truly flawless. Read More....


Here's your chance to really get to know your beers! Join us for a blind tasting of 9 of the freshest brews with free flowing delicious appetizers in the company of Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal at Woodside Inn Colaba. Call us for details

An initiation to craft beers, with 9 of the freshest brews on 3 beer flights: Wheat, Ale and Mixed.

995 - Wed, 28th JUNE, 9 PM, WOODSIDE INN, COLABA



Crisp Soft Shell Crab

Udon House Cured Chorizo & Clams


Toast & Tonic, a part of the Olive group of restaurants, has opened at BKC, Mumbai. Local inspirations, new age dining and a bar like no other come together in an experience that is effortlessly chic and refreshingly minimal. It is, in a way, an expression of what made the East Village (New York City), the quintessentially bohemian neighborhood of the world. Though the menu at Toast & Tonic offers a variety of culinary cultures it seeks to celebrate India’s bio-diversity -working with local producers to ensure that Indian products are championed in a non- traditional way.Read More....

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