The platform for knowledge, networking and indulgent experiences for wine, luxury spirits and gourmet food aficionados.

"If you know us, you would know that we love wine and spirits. We devised All Things Nice as a Wine And Spirits Consultancy with the aim to revolutionize wine and spirit consumption in India. We share this love through articles in leading publications, connecting brands we love with consumers that would appreciate them, working with F&B teams to raise their levels of knowledge and service to world class standards and creating a wine and spirit portfolio for hotels and restaurants, that they can be proud of offering. We thrive on creativity and innovation and have created game changing experiential events such as Wine Week, The Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards and Twisted Decadence, among others. Today, we can proudly boast of an immaculate reputation and a very affluent members group."

Nikhil Agarwal

Sommelier and Director
All Things Nice


All Things Nice is a consultancy service that offers specialized services for the wine and spirits industry as well as creates a platform to introduce and educate Indian consumers on all things nice ranging from wines, cognacs, single malts and craft beer as well as fine cheese, charcuterie and gourmet food by extension. ...Read More

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  • "Technique of selling alone is not the key to open a market to Champagne. The product and passion are essential too. We are indeed happy that All things Nice has taken the responsibility to help people know their drink. With Nikhil's impeccable knowledge on the subject and drive, All Things Nice will definetly guide the category. We at Champagne Ayala, look forward to encouraging the cause. We will play a key role in the activities of ATN and make sure that the discerning Indian champagne drinker forms the best prefrences."

    - Ray Martins, Area Representative, South Asia, Champagne Ayala


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